Diet and Nutrition

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If you are looking to help your pet live its fullest and healthiest life, then you should learn more about your pet’s diet and nutrition from the experts. We care about your pet and want to help you choose the best food options to ensure your furry friend lives a long and healthy life.

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Why Your Pet’s Diet Matters

Your pets may not discriminate between leftovers, fast food wrappers, and anything else they can chew up or eat, but this does not mean these items are good for their health in the long run. Quality dog and cat foods have balanced nutrition for your pet’s growth and overall health.

How to Recognize Quality Dog or Cat Food

It is not that difficult to find a quality resource for your dog or cat’s food. It is important to read the ingredient list and recognize the terms that some less than reputable companies use to hide their unhealthy fillers and ingredients. An online search for quality pet foods, reading some reviews, and asking your veterinarian can go a long way towards clearing up any confusion.

Puppy and Kitten Food

There are formulas available to add to your puppy or kitten’s food for the first year to boost their nutrition but they are not required. Once your pet has been weaned from its mother and goes home with you, it can eat the same food you would provide for a grown pet as long as you chose wisely.

Where to Start

There are dog food formulas specifically designed for older dogs. If your pet is not old yet, just grown, then the best way to implement an improved diet is to use up the remainder of the dog food they are used to eating. Try mixing less and less of the old dog food into the better dog food until your pet has adjusted to the change.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Pet’s Nutritional Consultation

Our veterinarian at Lone Tree Animal Care Center offers pet nutritional counseling and advice. When it comes to your pets, we know you want to provide the best food for their health and wellness. Quality pet food and nutritional services not only help your pet’s health improve, they often taste better to pets because of the lack of filler ingredients. We serve pets and their owners in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Call us today at (402) 389-3356 to schedule an appointment.