Breeding and C-Sections

Lone Tree Animal Care Center offers the best available animal breeding and c-section services in Omaha. From Old Market to Quarters, Blackstone District, and beyond, our veterinarian has set herself apart as the premier provider of animal healthcare services in the Omaha area.

We are dedicated to providing excellent care for the animals of Omaha. That includes offering breeding services as well as emergency or scheduled c-sections. Whatever your animal breeding needs, contact us today to get the best veterinary care in Omaha.

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Breeding Services

We know that animal breeding is a serious commitment of time, education, and resources. Our veterinarian provides your animals with comprehensive services, from a breeding soundness exam to artificial insemination, and progesterone services. Our breeding soundness exam systematically looks at your animal’s complete health and reproductive potential. Your animal’s health history and conditions will be discussed and analyzed. Males will be evaluated for testicular, prostate, and genital health. Females are given a vaginal and mammary chain examination. We will examine your animal’s overall health and fitness. Anything that could contribute to failed matings or inseminations, gestation issues, or problems whelping, will be thoroughly looked over beforehand. Progesterone testing can help prepare your animal for natural breeding or artificial insemination. In-house progesterone testing lets us track your animal’s progesterone levels, which can indicate when your animal is ovulating. This helps make breeding attempts more successful and exact.

C-Section Services

C-sections can be necessary, or even simply beneficial, for several reasons. Whether natural whelping is impossible or a c-section is just the right option for your animal, our veterinarian is well-equipped. Understanding the risks that might be present during pregnancy is essential. Previous medical history is accounted for to avoid any complications. While c-sections are not our first choice for any animal, sometimes the risk factors justify the procedure.

Timing can be critical in scheduling a c-section, especially based on both the breeding and ovulation dates. We can advise you on the best practices and preparation for your animal’s c-section based on its history and health. We take scheduling c-sections seriously so that proper timing and maximum safety can be achieved. The best results for your animal can be ensured through preparation, planning, and expert input.

Breeding Care at Lone Tree Animal Care Center

If you live in or around Omaha, Blackstone District, Old Market, Quarters, or the surrounding area and would like to know more about our veterinary services, call Lone Tree Animal Care Center today at (402) 389-3356 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Whitehouse.