Pet Laser Therapy for Your Pet’s Pain

Chronic and acute pain doesn’t just issue humans deal with. Your cat and dog might suffer from chronic and acute pain caused by muscle soreness, muscle inflammation, trauma and injuries. These ailments can be difficult to treat without professional help, and they can quickly lead to a lowered quality of life for your pet.

If you notice your pet is suffering from pain and want to know the best way to help them, consider laser therapy. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, NE, we offer laser therapy on top of other veterinary care practices that can ensure your pet starts feeling pain relief immediately. If you notice signs of muscle inflammation or pain, see how laser therapy can help your pet by reading below.

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What Is Laser Therapy for Pain?

Laser therapy has been used in pain management for humans for several years. It recently gained popularity for its non-invasive and painless ability to improve muscle pain.

Laser therapy involves using a device that aims lasers directly into damaged muscle tissues inside of your pet’s body. These lasers come in different wavelengths, and can help ease pain by:

▶ Promoting healing of damaged tissues
▶ Improving circulation
▶ Decreasing inflammation
▶ Opening the blood vessels and improving blood flow
▶ Releasing endorphins, which are nature’s pain relievers

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Class III lasers are safe to use for the management of pain in your pet. These lasers are aimed directly at the skin and can be effective at treating pain without the use of surgery.

Laser therapy produces a warm sensation and can be a relaxing experience for your pet. Sessions are not long, lasting less than 30 minutes, meaning they also won’t pose a burden or impact your daily schedule.

Laser therapy is a great option to help treat:

▶ Sites of surgery
▶ Sites of injury
▶ Torn ligaments
▶ Muscle strains and sprains
▶ Arthritis in your pet

How an Omaha, NE, Veterinarian Can Help

Keep in mind that laser therapy may not be the right treatment for all types of pain. It can also only be administered safely by a professional veterinary team or specialist. Our veterinarian will determine if laser therapy is right for your pet and help determine whether your pet needs additional treatment for their pain.

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