At Lone Tree Animal Care Center, we offer pet grooming services for dogs and cats in Blackstone District, Old Market, the Quarters, and surrounding Omaha areas.

We are one of the few veterinary offices in the area that offers both a full selection of veterinary services and pet grooming services. This means that your pet can be groomed by highly trained and experienced professionals and see our veterinarian all at one location. We offer a wide range of pet grooming and other services that you and your animal can benefit from.

Pet Grooming Service Image

The Grooming Services We Offer

We provide the same grooming services that you may find at a pet salon or in the grooming department of a pet store. The pet grooming services we offer include styling, nail clipping, bathing, and shampooing. Our highly trained staff can perform all these services for both dogs and cats. We can style and trim your pet’s coat to ensure they stay cool during warmer weather and maintain their beauty. We also have a large selection of pet shampoos, from premium conditioners to give your pet a shiny coat to flea shampoos that will rid your pet of a potentially dangerous infestation.

Advantages of Grooming from Our Staff

While pet stores and pet salons also offer grooming services, there are several advantages to getting your pet groomed at the office of our veterinarian in Omaha, NE. Our groomers are highly trained and experienced, while pet salons and pet stores often employ groomers with little training or experience. Our groomers and veterinary staff work together to provide your pet every aspect of health care they need.

Contact Us for Grooming in Omaha, NE

If your pet needs to be groomed or medical care, make an appointment with our Omaha team. We pride ourselves on providing professional care at any stage of their lives. Whether your pet needs emergency care or a nail trimming, our experienced staff at Lone Tree Animal Care Center is here to help. To learn more about the treatments and services we offer, you can contact us through our website or give us a call during business hours. We can provide the info you need and help you make an appointment at your earliest convenience. Contact us for quality grooming or veterinary services.