Abby Potter

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Abby Potter

Abby has always wanted to work with animals as a career. She grew up in rural Delaware in an area that was a popular pet dumping spot. She took it upon herself to care for these animals and gain their trust so she could bring them to the local SPCA (and even keep a few). She also cared for any injured wildlife that would stumble into her yard. Abby also volunteered at the SPCA on the weekends. She lived in Delaware for 18 years before moving to Myrtle Beach, SC where she started a job working for a dog daycare and boarding facility. She learned a lot about animal behavior and what goes into caring for multiple animals, even ones with special needs.

Shortly after, she moved to Bellevue, NE with her fiancé, Riley, and special needs
cat named Beans. On her days off Abby enjoys cooking, spending time with her
soon-to-be-husband, playing video games, being outdoors, and making artwork.

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