Pet Boarding FAQs

If you need to travel away from your home for an extended period of time, and you have a dog or cat that you care for, finding someone to tend to your pet’s needs while you are unable to do it yourself is extremely important.  We offer clean, comfortable boarding facilities for your canine and feline and provide relaxing music and Felaway plugins (a calming pheromone distributor) throughout the clinic to keep your pets relaxed and comfortable.  Our cat condos are state of the art and provide a relaxing environment for your feline family member, and our dog runs are safe and comfortable for your pet. We provide pet boarding for those in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet boarding.


What Can I Expect When I Board My Pet?

Your dog or cat will be well cared for by professionals who are available at all hours of the day. We have a veterinarian available to handle any emergencies if they happen to arise, giving you the peace of mind that your dog or cat will not suffer from illness or an injury without attention. Your pet will be provided with a safe and comfortable living space and will have plenty of interaction with staff members throughout their stay.

What if My Pet Needs Special Care?

If your dog or cat requires a special diet or if it needs medication on an ongoing basis, our pet boarding staff members are available to keep track of feeding and medication administration. Simply provide us with information about the frequency of feeding, the type of food your pet routinely eats, and the portion size he usually eats. For medication, provide our veterinarian with the prescription if you did not receive it from our facility and our staff will keep your dog or cat on schedule while you are away.

What Will My Pet Do during His Stay?

We have plenty of space for dogs and cats to rest, play, and socialize. If your pet does not get along with other animals, he will have an area to relax without anxiety from other pets being around. Let us know about your pet's preferences before their boarding session. Each pet needs an examination by our veterinarian to determine their health before his stay. Your pet will have plenty of attention from staff members throughout their boarding stay to keep him active. If you wish, bring along a few items from your home, such as toys or bedding items, to make your pet's stay comforting.


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