The pet bathing experience can go well or not so well for each pet owner. Some breeds like being in the water and others are convinced you’re attempting to end their life if a toe even touches bathwater.

While pet bathing can be enjoyable for both pet and owner under the right circumstances, we acknowledge that it won’t always work out for the pet owner. We here at Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, NE, offer pet grooming services for your convenience. 

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Bathing Makes Your Pet Happier

Cats need bathing less often than dogs, but they would still benefit from a grooming session for their skin, paws, and nails. Animals accumulate dirt, dust, oil, and bacteria that can build up an animal’s hair or skin. If you cannot give your pet a good bath now and then, your pet will benefit from a good brushing. Use a breed-approved brush for your pet and spend time brushing out their coat when they are in a good mood. Be gentle. Pulled hair hurts them too. Removing excessive hair can help improve the smell of your pet dramatically, although it’s no substitute for a bath.

    Bathing Helps Prevent Parasite Problems

    Bathing your pet regularly lets you inspect for fleas and ticks more easily. If fleas become a problem, they will deposit eggs in the nooks and crannies of your furniture and your carpet. Bathing regularly helps stop many of them from growing into adult stages and will help prevent the cycle from continuing. Ticks are just bad news all the way around since they spread disease to both pets and humans. They can be extremely tiny and can be most easily detected by a veterinary professional.

    Bathing Prevents Skin Irritations and Infections

    To avoid pain and discomfort, removing tangles and mats from your dog’s coat is crucial. Removing these before bathing helps avoid painful sores on their skin from where the mat gets wet and pulls on the skin when the pet shakes the water off. Bathing the pet removes excess dead skin cells and bacteria, leaving your pet clean and comfortable.

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