Did you know that your pet could get an eye infection just like us? It can be a little more challenging to spot eye problems in pets because they cannot tell us when something is wrong. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, Dr. Emily treats a wide range of pet health issues, including eye infections.

Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection

Below are some of the common symptoms of pet eye infections:

◉ Redness, particularly around the iris
◉ Discharge from eyes that are yellowish or greenish
◉ Continual pawing at the eyes
◉ Tendency to keep one eye closed or both

Why Are My Pet’s Eyes Infected?

There are several reasons why your pet might have an eye infection. One of the most common ways a pet gets an eye infection is from allergies. Animals, like people, can be allergic to pollens, grasses, and other airborne irritants. These allergies can cause inflammation and swelling in the eye, which can lead to an infection.

Another common reason for pet eye infections is bacteria. Bacteria can enter the eye via a scratch or cut, or merely by being in touch with unclean surfaces. Certain breeds of dogs are also more prone to eye infections than others. For example, poodles, bichons frises, and Lhasa apsos often have eye problems because of the way their fur grows. The long hair around their eyes can trap dirt and bacteria, which can lead to an infection.

How Our Veterinarian Treats Eye Infections

Antibiotics are typically used to treat eye infections in pets. However, some infections are a side effect of a particular illness. In that case, we will work to treat the underlying cause.

Call Our Veterinary Team in Omaha for an Appointment

If you are concerned that your pet might have an eye infection, call our animal hospital in Omaha. We will examine your pet’s eyes and provide the appropriate treatment. Call our team at Lone Tree Animal Care Center today at  (402) 389-3356 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.