Pet owners in the Blackstone District and the Old Market area should be aware of the importance of keeping their pets groomed and clean. Whether your furry friend is a dog or a cat, a pet that is regularly groomed is healthier and happier. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center, we provide a variety of veterinary services, including pet grooming.

The Importance of Pet Grooming

Grooming is about more than running a brush through a pet’s fur. While it is important, it is just one of several steps taken for a thorough grooming. A gentle brushing removes dirt, bacteria, debris, and dead skin cells that have accumulated and are embedded in your pet’s coat. Brushing also untangles matted fur. The eyes and ears are part of the grooming process as well.

A pet’s eyes should be clear and moist, not dry, or runny. The ears should be clear of debris, not red or inflamed, and they should not have an unpleasant odor. Nails that are not clipped can also be a problem. Bathing with the appropriate flea shampoo helps prevent parasite infestations and helps eliminate skin irritations.

The Benefits of Grooming Pets

At the top of the list of these benefits is your pet’s health. Keeping your pet well-groomed provides the opportunity for the groomer to detect potential issues before they need to be addressed by a veterinarian. Another benefit is your pet’s comfort. If your pet feels good from nose to tail, they are going to be happier. Finally, after a grooming session, your pet will look, feel, and smell great.

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At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, our experienced veterinarian and friendly staff offer professional one-on-one care that every pet deserves. If you would like to schedule a grooming session with us and live in the Blackstone district or Old Market area of Omaha, call our team today at (402) 389-3356 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.