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Kali Upton
Veterinary Assistant

Kali has worked in the animal healthcare field for 7 years. She loves helping care for animals. She knew from a young age that is the job she wanted! When Kali was 10 years old, she started bringing home stray animals. It started as cats and dogs, and eventually other animals. One day, she brought home a toad, and named it Fireball. As she grew up, her affinity for animals blossomed.

As a mother of four beautiful boys, there is never a dull moment in her daily routine. Herhusband has always said they will need to buy a farm with animals to tend. Chickens, ducks,dogs, cats, and even pigs have been fostered by the family. During her free time, Kali’s passionis playing with her kids, pets, and spending time with family and friends. 

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