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Deb Allen
Veterinary Technician

Debbie has been caring for animals since she was little. She would nurse baby rabbits and birds, helping with piglets with her dad, always taking care of the family dogs and cats. She knew she wanted to pursue a career with animals. While attending college, she worked at Strohbehn Veterinary Clinic. After earning her veterinary technician degree in 1986, she began working at Strohbehn full time. She stayed there as a veterinary technician for 33 years. She began working with Dr. Emily at Lone Tree in 2020.

Debbie and her husband, Gene, have 3 grown kids, a dog, 4 cats, a potbellied pig,2 rabbits, a guinea pig, and 5 outdoor cats; filled like every other veterinarytechnician household! In her spare time, she loves to go camping, and spend timewith her family and friends.

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