Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

Lone Tree Animal Care Center Offers Pet Urgent and Emergency Care

Your pets will likely have an urgent or emergency care need at some point in their lives. Sudden illnesses may need urgent veterinary care, and an emergency can occur at any time. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, NE, we help animals that are sick or have emergency care needs.


Urgent Care for Your Pet

Pets may experience a variety of veterinary issues. Ear infections, sudden limping, vomiting, diarrhea, minor wounds, respiratory infections, trauma to the eyes, urinary tract infections, and nail injuries are just a few of the most common ones. Any time your pet has a health problem that is not an immediate emergency, the incident can be categorized as a need for “urgent care.” Urgent care covers minor health issues that need attention to reduce discomfort and prevent increasing problems.

What Is a Pet Emergency?

Pet owners are often confused about what constitutes an “emergency” veterinary situation. Any issue with profuse bleeding from a wound, broken bones, or trouble with breathing is considered an emergency that should receive immediate care. Ingestion of a toxic substance or signs of heatstroke in hot weather are also emergency situations. If your pet’s gums become pale or the animal has a seizure, seek out emergency care immediately. Unconsciousness is always a sign of an immediate emergency problem.

What Happens during an Emergency Visit?

It’s always a good idea to make a call to the vet before bringing your pet with an emergency. In this way, the vet can clear a place for a thorough examination in the schedule, to provide immediate care for your pet. The vet will ask a number of questions about the emergency and what led up to the animal’s distress. This can provide important information for a good diagnosis. You will be asked to wait while your pet undergoes examination and testing to determine the cause of the problem. Immediate care to relieve distress will be offered to the animal. Once a diagnosis is made, the vet will discuss options for further treatment. Your pet may need to spend the night in the facility for observation.

Choose Lone Tree Animal Care Center for Your Pet’s Veterinary Emergency and Urgent Care

Dr. Whitehouse and our team at Lone Tree Animal Care Center are committed to providing quality care for all our patients in Omaha, NE, the Blackstone district, old market quarters, and the surrounding areas. We offer a broad range of pet services, such as wellness care, preventative care, vaccinations, diagnostics, spaying and neutering, dental care, and microchipping. Contact Lone Tree Animal Care Center today at 402-389-3356 for urgent care and emergency care for your pet.

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