Microchipping Your Pets

A pet can make a wonderful addition to any family. It is important to understand that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Your pet will rely on you for everything, including food, shelter, love, and affection. It will also rely on you to keep it healthy and safe. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, NE, we can help you with this. One of the first steps towards keeping your pet safe is having it microchipped.


What Is Microchipping?

When your pet is microchipped, a tiny chip will be inserted under your pet's skin near its shoulder blades. This scannable chip will contain a number that goes into a database and coincides with your pet's name and your contact information. You can also add to the database any health conditions your pet has, the medications it takes regularly, and any dietary issues.

If your pet gets lost, the chip can be scanned at an animal shelter or at our veterinary center. This can help you find your pet as quickly as possible.

Is Microchipping Painful?

Microchipping is relatively painless. Your vet will insert the microchip with a syringe, so the procedure will be similar to when your pet gets its annual immunizations.

Benefits of Microchipping

Aside from finding your pet if it gets lost, there are many other benefits of microchipping. For example, it can verify ownership of your animal. If your pet is stolen or a former friend or partner claims that the pet belongs to them, having your pet microchipped will prove ownership. Your name will be listed in the database, which is all you need to prove that your pet really belongs to you.

Additionally, collars and tags don't always work. Many people put their address on their pet’s tag. If your pet’s collar gets damaged or falls off, it’s of no use. Microchips also last forever. They don’t need batteries or a power source, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them.

Getting your pet microchipped is typically not an expensive procedure, and you only have to do it once.

Contact Information

Throughout your pet's life, you might move, change your phone number, or get a new email address. If any of these changes occur, you won't need to have a new microchip implanted. Instead, you can simply update your information in the database.

Visit Our Veterinarian Today

Microchipping is one of the best ways to keep your pet safe. At Lone Tree Animal Care Center in Omaha, NE, we treat animals in the Blackstone District and Old Market area. Our services include vaccinations, dental care, boarding, urgent care, and more. When your pet is microchipped, you can finally have peace of mind that it is safe. To learn more about microchipping or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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